Cleaning Solutions

Commercial & Office Cleaning Solutions
Cleaning Solutions

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of the cleaning services we deliver for commercial, residential, and public facilities further to clinics as well. Our cleaning solutions include everything from, tiles, floors, and carpets to glass & façade cleaning, and deep cleaning. Our motivated and professional cleaning operatives are fully trained at using the latest machinery and are experienced in providing high-quality cleaning solutions for all types of buildings and office environments.

  • Commercial Facilities: Offices, Retails
  • Residential Facilities: Buildings, Towers, Compounds, communities and apartments
  • Public Used Facilities: Football Club, Cricket Stadium
  • Medical Facilities: Clinics

Among the list of cleaning solutions offered are:

  • Event Cleaning
  • Marble Crystallization and Polishing
  • Tiles Grinding
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Deep Cleaning (post Construction)
  • Supply Toilet Consumables (Hand Tissue, Toilet Roll, Air Freshener …etc.)
  • High Level glass and façade cleaning by our well trained and certified team (Via BMU and rope access team)
  • Infra-structure cleaning (roads, street, street light pools, paved and unpaved open areas etc...
  • Daily routine cleaning on annual contract basis for public areas
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