Building Maintenance Units

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EIFM is a UAE leading supplier of European facade access solutions

  • EIFM is the leading specialist in supplying European fully customized Building Maintenance Units. We provide a wide range of Suspended Access Cradles (Building Maintenance Units) and building access units to architects, consultants, developers, constructors and building owners.
  • EIFM solutions provide workers with easy access to the highest levels while also not risking a building's aesthetics. All our Facade Access solutions (machines, monorail, jibs, platforms, ladders.) are provided to meet all the relevant quality standards and safety regulations.
  • We go beyond the supplying of top quality facade access equipment; we provide after sales services & spares of BMU equipment of all brands.
  • We offer cost-effective and safe access BMUs for low, medium and high-rise buildings, and to hard-to-reach places.

BMU Solutions Range :-

  • To provide the design, engineering, supply, installation and after sales services of annual maintenance and spares of BMUs that EIFM supplies in UAE
  • To provide after sales services & spares of BMU equipment of all brands
  • To provide economical & safe concept and sale of cradles & suspension mechanism for construction purpose during construction of the projects or routine maintenance
  • To provide EIFM's knowledge and solutions to upgrade the existing system
  • To provide complete range of access solutions/equipment - roof/ elevation/under hung mounted or ground based
  • To provide operators and training to operators of Access Equipment
  • Retro fitting of additional BMUs and replacement of existing outdated units
  • To provide Third Party Inspections (outsourced)
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